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Oxford English Explanatory Dictionary 6.4

Concise Oxford Eng Dict and Thesaurus English Explanatory Dictionary program

Whether you're a reports, articles and essays writer, or you're just learning the English language, you will find the Oxford English Explanatory Dictionary, electronic dictionary databases from the Oxford University Press, an invaluable reference resource. The program includes the eleventh edition of The Concise Oxford English Dictionary and The Concise Oxford English Thesaurus. The dictionary contains 240,000 words, phrases, and concise definitions, with over 1,800 brand new words from Oxford's new word research. These accurate and up to date word definitions will enable you to use English vocabulary correctly. Moreover, the database includes rare, historical and archaic terms as well as scientific and technical terms.
Concise English Thesaurus database contains over 365,000 alternate and opposite words to help you find the right words that you need. The program has an easy to use interface with a fast search facility to help you quickly discover the meanings of English words, word usage and the correct words for a defined context. Powered by the SlovoEd application engine, this Oxford English Concise Dictionary application will meet all your writing reference needs, helping you to improve your vocabulary, and will even help you with your word games.

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  • Includes new words from Oxford research


  • Confusing descriptions
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